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May 2014

Core continued

A few more exercises that challenge the core.Try varying your speed from slow to very fast for a change in demand

Core talk

All training has its place depending on what your goals are.I am not a bodybuilder I am just a guy who likes to exercise with fun intresting movements that will give me a balanced physique and avoid injuries. When it comes to the core I think full body movements that …

Headaches part two

I always repeat a circuit of the feet, hands and head so that nothing is overworked and repetition enhances relaxation instead of over zealous pressure.The foot work is a progressive increase in pressure and the added benefit of rocking sends rhythmic relaxation all the way up into the head.The same …

Oil massage techniques for headaches

  Headaches are treatable if you take your time and employ repetition of a couple of gentle techniques to improve bloodflow and calm the nervous system. Migranes are a different animal and need intervention from a specialist.I am not saying that hands on therapy cannot help but personaly I would prefer …