This website is an opportunity for me to share what I have learnt about health and the many ways we can live a full vibrant life bursting with energy and  gratitude . ”


I have always been intrested in health and exercise it was only later in my career I  realised the massive role played by nutrition and lifestyle choices .I began my career as a personal trainer in South Africa and also went to the Navy and completed my training as a military clearance diver . Moving to London in 2000 I ran a personal training business whilst studying part time at the London College of Massage . In 2003 I obtained my diploma as a remedial massage therapist and jumped into massaging stressed out city workers and over worked Moms .

2004 I obtained my London School Of Sports Massage diploma and worked in central London as a sports therapist in various gyms catering for bodybuilders and serious gym rats .

Between 2006 and 2009 I travelled to Chiang Mai extensively to study Thai massage which led to studying with many intresting teachers including the blind masters who rely on acupressure and tactile skills to achieve their aims .

2008 I worked at Parrot Cay, a 5 star resort in the Turks and Caicos islands, adding many therapy modalities to my skill set and being exposed to a huge number of different clients with challenging musculo skeletal conditions .

2010 I fulfilled a long term dream of teaching classes to therapists and international students  and moved to Chiang Mai to become a teacher  at  Sunshine Massage School 

After three years of teaching massage courses I moved back to London and became a visiting practitioner for Aman hotels and resorts as well as Six Senses working all over the world from Bhutan , Turkey , Phillipines , Maldives and the Turks and Caicos islands

In 2015 I qualified as a Gluten practitioner with a special interest in autoimmune diseases like Hypo thyroid and Hashimoto`s Thyroiditis . I studied nutrition and qualified as a nutritionist with an emphasis on nutritional supplementation , detoxification and leaky gut related conditions .

It is now very apparent to me that health has become so confusing that it is nessesary to have a few wise heads to guide us through the mess of dietary advice . Health should be simple but mass media complicates it and leaves us with a bathroom cabinet full of supplements and potions that are expensive and fall into the same category as Pharma . I now help people who are seriouse about changing their lives and health for the better with sound dietary advice and a sensible plan for the future .