This website is an opportunity for me to show people about my manual therapy treatments and also some of the workshops that I teach.

Many painful conditions are a result of stress and this can be in the form of a stressful lifestyle (demanding job, deadlines, poor diet, not enough sleep) and poor movement especially repetitive movements which stress the same muscles and joints leading to muscle imbalances and compensation patterns.

After many years of studying Swedish massage, sports therapy and Thai massage I came to the realisation that I knew a lot of techniques but I had no idea about movement patterns and biomechanics. If a client came in with a painful shoulder I could provide a great massage full of soft tissue work and stretches but I did not know why the shoulder was painful. I began to study the mechanics of movement and my treatments became more effective.

My workshops aim to provide students with a basic understanding of biomechanics and movement patterns which then allow them to look further and discover the source of pain and not just treat the site of pain. Manual therapy in combination with corrective movement strategies are a powerful restorative tool.

Early career and training

Trayl began his career as a personal trainer in South Africa in 1993. 1995 He joined the military for two years and enjoyed the challenges of becoming a clearance diver.

Moving to London in 2000 he ran a personal training business whilst studying at the London College of Massage, in 2003 he obtained his diploma.

2004 he obtained his London School Of Sports Massage diploma and worked in central London as a sports therapist.

Between 2006 and 2009 he travelled to Chiang Mai extensively to study Thai massage.

2008 he worked at Parrot Cay, a 5 star resort in the Turks and Caicos islands, adding many therapy modalities to his skill set.

2010 he fulfilled a long term dream and moved to Chiang Mai to become a facilitator at Sunshine Massage School.