Anatomy trains oil massage .

My favourite type of body work to give is oil massage . As a way of moving a client from a sympathetic  to a parasympathetic state there are few modalities that work as well as a good deep tissue oil massage . You have to have a philosophy that makes sense to you and that you believe in .


The nervous system is king and if stress is present constantly causing muscle tension and pain then the body can never have an opportunity to let go and heal . I am a STRESS BUSTER ( just like the ghost busters ) my  job is to make my client feel absolutely fabulous by squeezing  , pushing  , stretching , stroking and pulling the muscles and fascia . By the end of the session i want my client to be sleeping or purring like a happy cat . Of course i also want them to book in to see me again because i can provide them with a safe , happy , nurturing  and restorative environment .

I have spoken about Thomas Myers before and his excellent book ANATOMY TRAINS . Using some of the facial trains i will show you how i work the lines in a functional and flowing way . I do not always follow the lines exactly as they are laid out in the book but rather combine the lines into my own flow but still work in an integrated fashion as apposed to a segmental isolated massage .

We move in three planes of motion . saggital , transverse and frontal . It makes sense to massage in all three planes as well so with this in mind i like to use long strokes and move energy from the feet all the way up to head and back down again.



The oil i use is a rice bran based oil and the ingredients are all  natural produced  by a local supplier who knows her stuff to say the least . I will put up a link for Arun Thai Natural run by Marike Van Breugel. I was not aware of how important it is to use oils with a high smoke point and that do not denature and become toxic to the body . It makes sense to know a bit about the oils you are using and shows your clients you care  . If you would like to know what is good to apply to the skin check out her site .



Keep a lookout for my next post on the psoas and i little pearl of wisdom for resolving knee pain .

Have a great week .





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