Back to the gym , dumbells and lat pulldowns

For the last three years I have pretty much stopped going to the gym for my traditional fare of deadlift ,squats,tricep pushdowns and general bodybuilding type workouts.Instead I moved onto gymnastics and bodyweight type workouts.I also warned my clients and students of the danger of unnatural non-functional gym workouts. I think I was too dogmatic and unbending in my views and now believe that as long as you are not hurting yourself by doing stupid movements ( like heavy leg press with knees touching your chest,or rounding your back under load) then whatever you do is just fine.

It is human nature when you find something new to totally discard your old patterns and embrace the new with the enthusiasim of a religious zealot.We over react and in the process often close ourselves off from the possibility revisiting those old patterns and appreciating the value we achived with them.

Today I revisited my old patterns and as my chest heaves and my biceps burn with lactic acid  I am glad I have not become a koolaid drinker but rather a student of life and first hand experince.Zumba,pilates ,yoga ,thai chi ,power lifting , dwarf throwing, cat swinging, swiss mountain yodelling… who cares as long as you have fun,increase your heart rate, release endorphins and benefit from the experience.