Bodyweight exercises for the hip and shoulder

As you can see I do not do many repetitions of these exercises because I want my form to be good avoid injuries and the movements are not easy .These would come under intermittent exercises as in I do a few reps at intervals throughout the day and benefit from the cumulative effect.

Depending on your flexibility and strength you can moderate the range of motion of each movement ,you do not have to go all the way down in the squat or push up. If a quarter rep feels pretty challenging then that is enough.

As far as getting maximum bang for your buck you do not have to look much further than single limb strength work . After a few reps all your muscles will be recruited and maximum effort will be employed and I believe that most gains are achieved with this sort of intensity.

From a reflexive stability standpoint your system has no choice but to direct all the relevant muscles to stabilise your joints to allow the global movers to move you whilst ensuring good joint centration  and balanced movement.