Elbow pain

It has been a while since I have blogged but now that I am settled down and working again the blogs will be more forthcoming.

Today we will look at lateral elbow pain and a possible cause of this.

Unless it is a clear case of trauma or blatant over use I will look at the T spine and scapula mechanics.

If the T spine is stuck in flex ion the body will look further down the chain for extension, in this case the elbow is suffering and compensating.

I did not demonstrate it but you can also try a Mulligan mobilisation by gliding the humerus and ulna lateral and medial respectively and ask for the client to grip and extend the wrist. If this movement is pain free it becomes a repetitive treatment.

This dude has a serious Kyphosis just imagine him trying to serve in a tennis game or do a downward facing dog !!!!!! he would be compensating all over the place.

A restricted T spine can manifest in the shoulder joint as impingement ,anterior humeral head translation,  neck pain and in this case  elbow pain.

Remember! The body will always sacrifice something in order to move. If you are restricted in your ankle but you want to squat your knee will make up for the movement the ankle cannot produce.All of a sudden you have a knee pain. If your T spine is locked up but you want to do downward dogs your shoulder or elbow will make up the movement in the form of a compensation.