You have to be fit and strong to do cellulite massage

I am into the second day of my Cellulite and Lymphatic Drainage course  and I am really enjoying the learning experience.I think that the strong energetic techniques will work for clients returning from injury that need innervation to weak muscles and  for athletes that require a strong energetic massage for recuperation and pre race activation. These techniques are not only for folk wanting to break down cellulite but transfer across a broad spectrum of clients .

I have no problem with students sweating and assuming less than asthetically pleasing positions when performing this type of massage or deep tissue massage.It requires energy and passion not a neutral pelvis and a perfectly aligined T spine.

I consider myself a massage athlete and I move dynamically around my table assuming all manner of positions to get the job done as effectively as possible, it does not always look pretty but I am comfortable and that is what matters.

You will require a very cool John McEnroe headband