Hip progressions to bullet proof the knees

Most knee pain is caused by an unstable joint that possibly moves to much.A good course of action is to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for stabilising the knee joint and more specifically the femur. You can progress from static to more dynamic exercises because strength alone is not good enough. You need to put your client in a dynamic environment where they can learn to stabilise reflexively.Life takes place at speed and we often have to produce movement without thinking about it.This reflexive movement needs a good strength base to enable correct firing patterns otherwise you will have a situation where the stabilizers are doing the job of the weak global musclesand can no longer react as they are meant to.

I am not saying that strengthening your glutes will magically negate or solve knee pain but as a preventative step and as a tool to teach good biomechanics and joint centration embarking on a glute strengthening programme is a wise idea Prevention is better than cure.