Some intresting facts about streching


Most clients come into me and tell me that their therapist says they are tight .If I had a dollar for every time I have been told that I would be retired and living the good life.

Some people are born flexible and some are not.There is a lot more to increasing flexibility than just streching.I know many clients that are as stiff as a board and have absolutley no issues with pain I also know lots of very flexible clients who have pain issues.

It takes about 30 minutes of sustained stretching to bring about a structural change in the length of a muscle.So most conventional stretching has a neurological effect in that the muscle becomes desensitized and used to the new length but no structural change takes place and after a couple of hours the muscle returns back to the original length.

This is totaly subjective I believe that tissue flexibility and mobility is an area where we can bring about the biggest change in function and quality of movement. A great deep tissue massage will promote blood flow release toxins and relax the nervouse system thereby allowing painfree movement and if movement is painfree then guarding patterns disappear and flexibility and fuller range of movement is achieved.

The best results are achieved by relaxing the nervouse system,improving tissue quality and recommending movement that promotes functional flexibility as it pertains to your client this is where having the services of a good yoga teacher or movement coach are incredibly valuable for ensuring consistency of your clients movement.