Who needs a gym when you have kids!

Today I went to the local swimming pool in Savannakhet  Sea Paradise Swimming  Pool    https://www.facebook.com/Savanswimmingpool                 run by a very enterprising young lady Kitiyalath Latsamy and started doing some animal movement .Within five minutes I was joined by a couple of local kids , things got fun and I had a great workout.

It was intresting to see how they liked to do loads of different movements and if I talked too much or did something for too long the kids would get bored .A lesson for us from this is that variety is intresting and prevents injuries.

Unfortunatly I did not record everything we did but they also taught me a couple of moves like running and sliding on the wet tiles on my knees.Something parents would not be happy with but getting a couple of scrapes is all part of the fun.