Progressions for scapula winging and pec minor release

I have had fellow therapists asking for progressions for scapula winging so I will present a few here.

I always say there is more than one way to skin a cat and this saying applies here. If you are lucky some of your patients will regain scapula stabilisation just from wall slides and reach roll and lifts. Very often though they need more variety and different body positions for the nervous system to uptake the new pattern.

A skinned cat

You can use your imagination here I am simply putting my client in a position where his stabilisers can function correctly with out losing control of the scapula. If he lifts his arm and brings it back down does he still wing ? if not then you are doing the right exercise.

Your progressions can follow human development from the floor , hands and knees , kneeling and back to standing.

One of the main culprits that contribute to winging due to the imbalance caused to the muscles is the pec minor.

Shortness in this muscle due to chest breathing or poor posture pulls the scapula down and forward and can lead to a weak lower trap and an unstable scap. It is a good idea to check this muscle first and then release if nessessary.

Stabilisation progressions

Pec minor release