How the warrior diet has worked for me and my clients.

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I have been on the warrior diet for about 5 months now and it has been an interesting journey. I found it easy to follow when I was very busy massaging all day as I did not really think about food that much although on a quiet day I found it quite a challenge not to eat. I was strict and stuck to black coffee and water but small quantities of fruit and vegetables are recommended during the day if only water and black coffee seems to extreme.

I never felt weak or short of energy and sleeping at night after my big main meal was a pleasure. I have lost about 10 kg which I believe is all fat because my muscle mass looks about the same and I am able to lift the same weights and perform the same body weight movements that i did in the past.

One of the biggest benefits I have felt is the lack of aches and pains in my lower back , shoulder and right knee especially on rising in the morning when it used to take two cups of coffee and a hot shower before the pain would subside. I am a lot leaner and my endurance and explosive strength has improved.

I did four rounds of animal movement with a  sub 70 second 400 m run in between  movements.Bear in mind that I have been fasting for almost 72 hrs and training every day and my energy levels were still pretty good .I am not going to put all my 400 m rounds here as it can get pretty boring watching me huff and puff around the track this was my third round .