Who needs a gym ? Bodyweight exercises for strengthening and increasing flexibility of the hip.

Firstly I apologise for the video quality I am up in the mountains of Pai alone and my camera woman Squinty is on holiday so it is just me and my trusty camera balanced on a rock .

This set of exercises is just the tip of the iceberg there are so many fantastic movements to target the hips especially some of the single leg yoga poses  these are just a few that i like and have found to work .

Long ago our ancestors would spend at least 9 hours per day on their feet .From hunting , fetching water from the stream , working in the fields or simply walking to and from work . I do not know many people today who spend 9 hours on their feet . To have healthy hips that are strong and flexible we need to spend more time weight bearing and more specifically on one leg .Life takes place on one leg most of the time not two that is why going to gym and sitting on leg extension machines , hamstring curls and even squatting are very unrealistic exercises compared to how we really move.

If you have clients that pronate and have foot pain ( plantar fasciaitis ) cue them to keep an arch during all of these exercises .All your anti pronation muscles will automaticaly turn on and they are all in the butt .

So not only do strong flexible hips improve your performance and general physical health they also look good . It is a scientificaly proven fact that the opposite sex are powerfully attracted to the sight of a well rounded muscular butt .



  • please remember that i am trying to keep my knee in a straight line for all the exercises , you do not want the knee collapsing especially for knee pain clients .
  • Prone bridge, feet in line with the sit bones , do not hyperextend the lower back , keep the knees straight and make sure the butt is turned on and not the hamstrings .
  • Same exercise with one leg up .
  • Static lunge front foot directly in line with the back knee keep your butt hard and turned on the back leg .
  • Dynamic lunge keep your knee straight on the front leg .
  • Aero planes , keep your supporting leg straight flap your arms and  do not collapse the knee or arch of the  foot. You cannot see my head but the next progression is to follow your hands with your eyes so that you are not focusing on one spot .
  • Pistol squat , keep your knee straight .
  • Shrimp squats , keep your knee straight .
  • Crossover squats , keep the foot flat on the floor do not go up onto the toes .

Hands , toes and knees touching the wall .

  • Stick your butt out and keep your toes straight ahead .
  • If the feet start to rotate out it is a sign of tight hip external rotators
  • If you absolutley cannot do this without falling backwards you can move your toes away from the wall a bit .

Cossack lunges .

  • Keep your toes facing straight ahead .
  • Do not let your knees or feet collapse .


Stork floor touches.

  • Hold the outside of the bent leg
  • Keep the supporting leg straight
  • Do not bend the knee of the supporting leg .
  • Stand up straight after each repetition .






I know i said my next post will cover the psoas and it will .As soon as i get back to Chiang mai i will get working on the psoas post .

Have a great weekend .