Nutrition and lifestyle counselling

“All disease begins in the gut”as was stated by Hippocrates the father of medicine . If you suffer from autoimmune diseases , unexplained pain , skin conditions , sinus problems , swollen joints and other conditions that you would like to resolve then I may be able to help . Most disease is caused by inflammation that is driven by foods that we think are healthy but cause the immune system to over react and attack our own tissues . Many of the prime culprits include Diary , Grains , Sugar and Oxylates . Using blood tests and a comprehensive clinical evaluation we can come up with a solution together . This is not for people looking for a magic bullet with no lifestyle changes on their part .

Strength and conditioning HIT

This is quite simply a session designed to build muscle in a very safe and time efficient manner . Based on the philosophy of Aurthur Jones (nautilus) and more recently Dr Doug Mcguff ( Trauma surgeon ) As we age muscle loss occurs and a lowering of hormones follows suit which is a very strong evolutionary signal to our bodies to become less vital and to shut down . All you need is maximum two strength training sessions per week to increase your muscle mass and cardio vascular performance and it only takes 20 minutes .

Animal movement

A workout based on the development of children and how they play in order to develop core strength , balance and endurance to reach the pinnacle of movement for a human . A fun workout that is intended to improve your body awareness and sense of fun . After all small kids move like monkeys without counting sets , reps or poundage .

Deep flow neural restoration

This is my own unique style which I have developed over the last 15 years of working. It is a deeply relaxing massage that will put you in a parasympathetic state and provide an environment for the body to heal. The massage techniques involve long deep strokes from the foot all the way up to the head in diagonal and spiral lines .

Increased blood flow, which is our most powerful energy transporter, is promoted and fascia and muscle is squeezed stretched and nourished. The muscles and fascia only follow orders from the brain, I try to put the client in a state of deep relaxation where the brain and nervous system decrease neural drive to the muscles.

I have found that when my client is in a state of deep relaxation many aches and pains subside and sensitive restricted areas that need deeper work are more accessible. This is a truly unique and nurturing massage that is ideal for a person who can surrender and allow my energy to restore them .

Reflexology , Hands , Shoulders and Neck

The feet are the most sensory rich part of the body and stimulation of specific points can have a powerful healing effect on distal organs . You will be transported to a state of bliss and peace as your feet are pampered and kneaded back to life . I work on the hands , arms , shoulders and neck as these areas are usual suspects in holding tension and stress . This is also a perfect treatment for people who have a problem lying facedown because of sinus issues or neck problems .

Thai massage and acupressure

I spent many years in Chiang Mai first studying and then as a teacher of Thai massage .This treatment is a combination of acupressure and stretches performed with long lever techniques that will leave you buzzing as your energy lines open and the surrounding muscles and tissue extends under my hands . This is not a painful treatment but rather a journey we take together finding your safe limits and working within them to improve mobility and body awareness .