If the core is not right , the hips will be tight .

In this post I would like you to add some more tools to your thought box . When a client comes in complaining of restriction and tightness in the hip . Instead of just doing soft tissue work and stretches that will help in the short term but is not a long term solution I would like you to look a little deeper and possibly find the root cause of the problem .

Our hips need to be flexible , after all after the shoulder they are the most mobile joint in the body . They also need to be strong and stable . A weak pair of hips can lead to a stiff pair of hips .

If the nervous system senses weakness it will not want the hips moving too much because it perceives this as dangerous and so increases neural drive to the hips in the form of muscle holding and stiffness .

The hips include all the muscles that attach from the pelvis onto the femur . So hip tightness is quite a general term to describe one or many of the hip muscles that may be tight .



If our reflexive core is shaky the same situation can occur .

There are many reasons for tightness including a sedentary lifestyle , direct trauma to the area , poor movement patterns and weakness .

we will test for the following

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Core and balance


We will treat according to what our testing revealed .

  • Soft tissue techniques for restrictions
  • Strengthening exercises for weakness
  • Corrective exercises to address core weakness and balance

I will very shortly post some corrective and strengthening exercises .

None of these ideas are mine , I learn from great teachers ( Gray Cook , Dr Craig liebenson , Professor Janda , Dr Shirley Saharman ) who all have or had full time clinics and have learnt too look at movement and the motor control system to help discover the root of imbalances and pain .

Trigger point therapy , stretching , deep tissue work , visceral manipulation , craniosacral , reflexology and many more are all wonderful forms of therapy but when they may sometimes bring only temporary relief we need to look at the movement therapies . Feldenkrais , Alexander technique , Total motion release and allow movement and the brain to guide the healing process .

There is more than one way and as soon as you believe in only one way you close yourself off from learning and becoming a better therapist . We are artists after all with imaginations and unquenchable curiosity