Moving energy with movement .

When I massage I believe that i am moving energy and in its simplest form this is blood . Any one with a scientific brain would say that there are many forms of energy from heat , kinetic , electrical , emotional and many more . Whatever energy you believe you are moving it needs a mode of transport and this is where the importance of the blood comes in .

Blood carries oxygen , amino acids , glycogen , chemicals , hormones and apart from providing nourishment to the cells it also removes toxins and dead cells . We would need a year of physiology lessons to cover all the functions of blood but for our purposes the most important aspect to focus on is that blood carries energy and it needs to flow easily .

  • Pin and stretch both passive and active
  • Squeeze and release
  • Pump
  • Crowd the tissue
  • Local tissue stretching

If you really enjoy moving energy and touching muscle and fascia then working like this is just like working with play dough .When you start the dough is cold and stiff but after some squeezing , kneading and stretching it becomes warm soft and ready to be shaped by your imagination .

Some important things to remember

  • One of the first rules of any good therapist ( do no harm ) do not hurt people , make them feel cared for and wonderful
  • Do not over treat and cause inflammation
  • Most people are dehydrated which makes the blood sluggish and impedes energy flow . remind them to drink plenty of water