one of the best days of my life

I have been doing gymnastics twice a week with my next door neighbour Alex Klein who is an awesome coach . Now let  me tell you that learning simple stuff like a forward and backward roll was a huge challenge for me . A handstand was a massive mountain to climb and a backflip just unimaginable .

I have had such a lot of fun during these sessions and most importantly after the fun part is that the movements are natural and strike a chord deep inside my brain it just feels right like i should be doing this .

I could go into a long post about the biomechanics and functionality of these exercises but it is not the point .

Today I had one of the best days of my life just because i managed to perform some moves that have really challenged my brain and self belief .

I know  I have a long way to go my back flips are awfull and my rolling into handstands may make you cringe and Chance if you are reading this thanks for getting me onto muscleups ,  but oh my gosh i feel like a million bucks today .

Thankyou Alex .


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