Shoulder pain caused by joint laxity and hypermobility

I met a lovley couple a few weeks who were in town for a couple of days.Julia complained of shoulder pain that was chronic ( about four years )Unfortunatly I did not have time to do a treatment but I did a minni examination.

Tested for humeral head distraction

Shoulder flexion

General joint laxity Beighton scale

There was a very obviouse clunking in her scapula when I placed my hand over it as Julia raised her arm.This confirmed what I suspected based on the aforementioned tests.

Julia has an unstable shoulder complex which is leading to improper shoulder mechanics and subsequent pain.

One other very important fact Julia mentioned was that her shoulder hurts when she sleeps.As soon as you roll onto your shoulder the joint closes and turns into internal rotation.Muscles that are already weak ( external rotators ) become even weaker because of this prolonged stretch.


I will now show you a little progression that will target the stabilising muscles and provide support for the scapulo thorasic and glenohumeral joints.

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