Working the organs

The abdomen is an area most therapists steer well away from or work very strongly.

On the clients side many are a bit nervous about having this vulnerable area worked on and may request you too skip it.

The organs each have specific emotions they are affected by and react accordingly to these emotions.Some examples include the stomach which deals with social life and your mission in life and mostly affects men.The small intestine deals with relationships and mostly affects women. Pancrease deals with deep grief like the loss of a child.

The list goes on and is very extensive , a field of study all on its own.

As a holistic therapist I believe in the regional interdependence model so a problem with the organs can have a knock on affect to a distal part of the body.I know that the kidneys share facsial links with the patella and the liver shares neural innervation with the shoulder and elbow. A problem in the mesentery can cause sciatica.

I repeat again that this is a specialist field and when dealing with serious conditions like an auto immune disease , cancer or inflammation of the organs leave it to an expert.  For general treatments it is a good idea to treat the viscera like you would a baby gently, lovingly and firmly.

Below are some techniques I use and I first saw them demonstrated by Jean Pierre Barral and Claire Davies. Check out their educational products if you would like to understand more about this fascinating field.