The best blood tests for health markers .

The buzz word around health now is inflammation and anti oxidants . We know that inflammation causes all sorts of problems in the body from headaches to gout , skin condiditions , painful menstration and an endless list of maladies to choose from .

When you go for a blood test it is similar to taking your car to the mechanic . A few tests are run and then you sit in front of the mechanic as he lists what is wrong and needs work . You have no idea about the workings of the dark insides of your car and have to accept the verdict and following recommendations . The same applies to blood tests and your Doctors recommendations .

I love to keep things simple and so when it comes to markers of inflammation there are a few tests I like to use because they tell me a lot about your level of inflammation and also your lifestyle choices that are either helping or harming your health .

Hba1c measures the degree of glycation affecting the blood cells over a three month period . The higher the glycation the higher the blood glucose and corresponding insulin rise .

Omega 3 index

Takes a look at the fatty acid make up of a red blood cell . If the EPA-DHA percentage is 8 and above your cells membranes are in good shape and your omega 3 to omega ratio is healthy .

Liver GGT ( Gamma-Glutamyl-Transferase ) Normally associated with drinking too much alcohol but it is a marker of excessive inflammation caused by toxins resulting in liver damage.

Homocysteine is one of the best markers for future heart disease . It  should convert into methionine and form part of the Glutathion manufacturing process .