What you need to know about cholesterol part 2

I would like to direct you to Dave Feldman at the cholesterol code.com if you wish to truly understand the nuts and bolts of this blood lipid marker . He is an engineer with a gift of being able to explain complex concepts to lay people in a simple terms .

I want to draw your attention to a very important marker in the cholesterol panel and it is not LDL . It is TRYGLYCERIDES and the ratio to HDL . If you have a ratio of TRYGLYCERIDES to HDL higher than 1-1 you need to take steps to lower it . An example is having TRYGLYCERIDES of 40 and HDL of 80 that works out  0.6-1 so the higher the hdl to trig ratio the better .

A ratio of TRYGLYCERIDES to HDL that is higher in favour of TRYGLYCERIDES is a clear indication that you have a problem using this energy source and there is an issue on a cellular level . This very often follows insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome .